Introduction to VividCortex

VividCortex is the best way to see what MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis and MongoDB are doing in production. One of our core principles is that servers exist to do work (queries), so work is the most important thing to measure and analyze. This is the difference between VividCortex’s performance management platform, and “monitoring” tools that just show you charts or alert on thresholds.

VividCortex is different from other tools you may have used:

  • We measure queries and their behavior, not just status metrics.
  • We make it easy to monitor any number of instances, from one or two, to hundreds or thousands.
  • We help developers see how their code works with the database, without needing to bother DBAs or operations staff.
  • We make DBAs and operations staff more efficient when they’re needed.
  • We use sophisticated visualizations to help you understand lots of data quickly.
  • We offer high-resolution data (1-second granularity) for unprecedented visibility.

How It Works

The VividCortex application consists of agents running on your servers, and our cloud-hosted application. The agents are simple to install, efficient, and self-managing. They generate metrics and events from network traffic, the database server and the operating system. The agents send the metrics to our APIs securely, and you access the web application at The following image demonstrates how it works. Click for a larger version.

Architecture Diagram

VividCortex is a multi-tenant cloud-hosted service. Your data is secure with VividCortex. Your data is stored separately, not intermingled with other customers. We encrypt all API traffic over SSL, strip out literals and identifiers, and store all sensitive information highly encrypted at-rest in our servers. We have more information about how VividCortex keeps your data secure if you are curious.

If you have any questions, please contact us using the chat icon in the bottom of the VividCortex application.