Charlottesville is consistently ranked a top place to live in the entire US. Recently, for example, we were ranked the #1 happiest city in America. Charlottesville is also a great place to raise a family, from birth through college. See below for a cost-of-living comparison.


Charlottesville is easy to reach, from our way-too-nice airport (shortest lines EVER) to rail and more. It's a 45-minute direct flight to New York, 2 hours direct to Chicago, and 2 hour drive to DC.


Charlottesville is a growing technology hub, with startups, incubators, accelerators, angel and venture groups, events, and a huge grassroots scene across a wide range of interests.


We're surrounded by natural beauty and national parks. Charlottesville is a base camp for many top-rated destinations for rock climbing, whitewater, golf, skiing, and more. The whole city is encircled by a running trail.

Music and Arts

Charlottesville has a thriving music scene that's produced the likes of Dave Matthews and other major artists. Multiple major venues attract top-tier artists and shows continually. Our cultural center, the bricked-over pedestrian Downtown Mall, is the heart of the city, with fine shopping, music, theater, and much more.

Breweries and Wineries

There are scores of local micro- and macro-breweries, cideries, and vineyards. So many, in fact, that guided tours are a popular attraction. Virginia itself is in the top 5 nationwide by the number of wineries.