VividCortex offers exciting careers in a fast-growing, well-funded tech startup with exciting plans and solid business fundamentals. Our team comes to work each day inspired by the knowledge that we're changing the way people think about and manage their data-intensive applications. We're making life more fun and productive for the software engineers, DBAs and managers/executives who make the Internet work – helping them increase system performance and team efficiency while reducing infrastructure costs.

WashDCskyline-shutterstock_101681578-1.4x1VividCortex is headquartered in the Washington, DC metro area, with offices in Charlottesville and Arlington, Virginia. Consistently rated as one of the top 10 regions in the United States for career opportunities, this area is a magnet for technology innovation and offers a unique blend of professional, lifestyle and cultural advantages. We're also open to having an employee work in a remote location when it's the right person and the right position.

Our team is our greatest strength, and we support our people with excellent benefits including 401k, professional development assistance, flexible paid leave (for vacation, parental, sick, etc), snacks in the office, and a health/wellness benefit. We enjoy getting together periodically and giving back to the community through volunteer service projects. We believe in offering every employee the tools and the opportunity to impact the business in a positive way. We care about inclusiveness and we care about working with people who help us learn and grow.


Open Positions

rowing-shutterstock_82162555-9x6Are you having fun? Are you challenged? When you finish something, do you feel as though you've made a meaningful contribution? Are you learning, and are you helping your colleagues learn? Is your workplace an environment where you can do the best work of your life? Do your leaders hire well and surround you with a team of other high-achievers who motivate you to excel? Does your company invest in your personal and career growth?

Or is it time for a change?  Please view our open positions here.


hammock-dean-mcquade-1089330-9x6Everyone does their best work when they know that they're being fairly compensated. VividCortex pays competitive salaries and offers great benefits including:

•  Take-as-you-need Paid Time Off (flexible and non-accrual based)
•  Generous paid parental leave
•  Excellent medical,  dental and vision insurance coverage
•  Stock options
•  Equipment to help you do your best work (typically a MacBook Pro)
•  Premium coffee, copious snacks, frequent team meals,  and more!


coffee-shutterstock_525007273-9x6Life is too short for your career to be "work." It should be what you love doing.

We're a lean, energetic company with a “get-it-done” culture. Our Core Values influence what we do and why we do it. We're always striving to improve our product and deliver greater value to our customers – from crafting enterprise strategies to chasing down the smallest details of design and user interaction.

We're dedicated to advancing DevOps best practices including continuous integration, automated deployment, and infrastructure-as-code. We use open source and contribute to the open source community.

How & Who We Hire

We want top-tier individual performers who will thrive as part of our team. We invest extra time defining roles and goals, clarifying what's needed to succeed, and evaluating whether the company, role, and candidate is a good fit. We care as much about not setting you up to fail, as we do about finding a great hire. And we set compensation levels based on your contribution to the business.

When we poll VividCortex staff, here are the traits they value in their colleagues and their environment:

•  Challenging and being challenged
•  Learning and self-improvement
•  An excellent team who are highly intellectual and highly ethical
•  Impact. Seeing the impact of your efforts is crucial
•  High-execution environment. Nothing's more frustrating than being forced to go slowly.
•  Creating and building.

If this sounds like you and a company you’d like to join, please contact us today.   


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