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The pressure is on. You received an alert that your site is down. Your boss asks if the problem is in the database. When this happens, what do you do first? 

With VividCortex, you can get answers fast. Our best-in-class database performance monitoring platform can help you immediately uncover potential issues that coincided with the outage and show you where to investigate to find the root cause so your team can make changes and avoid future problems.

Application and service engineers, including top DevOps teams, use VividCortex to proactively prevent/minimize outages and achieve Proven Results. 

"We've had a couple of issues that we were able to spot before they became outages. We saw what was going on thanks to VividCortex, and within minutes we pinpointed what we needed to to." – Dir. of IT Operations, BuyerQest.


Did you know?   
Elite DevOps teams are 2600x faster to recover from downtimes and have 7x lower change fail rates than other organizations.

-- 2019 State of DevOps Report, DORA


Keep Your Change Fail Rates Low and Recover Faster

  • Correlate query response or behavior to system metrics to understand impacts
  • Isolate unusual behavior and potential contributing factors within the database
  • Explore query details and performance, including samples, execution plans, and more
  • Create and share post mortem documentation across your team 


Here's How We Do It


Zero-In Fast on Any Data Tier Issues Before They Impact Customers

  • Step 1: After receiving an alert, use Profiler to compare your current query workload to a prior time frame when there was no outage.
  • Step 2: Profiler shows any change in query consumption and lets you sort the results based on the percentage of change.
  • Step 3: If there's no change, you may be able to rule out the database and focus your search elsewhere. 
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Quickly Find Outlier Queries and Drill into EXPLAIN Plans

  • Drill into query details to display a scatterplot of query executions by time and/or latency.
  • Select outliers to reveal detailed properties and makes it easy to see what’s different about the outliers (host, shard, query parameters, EXPLAIN plans, etc)


Proven Results


PatientPing Engineers' Take Proactive Measures to Keep Database Healthy

PatientPing is a nationwide platform that keeps medical professionals abreast of patients’ treatment across facilities. With VividCortex, not only was PatientPing able to make queries run up to 10x faster, they also achieved double-digit reductions in memory use and stabilized at a new sustainable level to reduce risk of outages.

Learn how PatientPing implemented VividCortex on its core systems to help their entire engineering team access to real-time data each of their queries and tune their own code in response. Learn More.



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