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Customer Achievements with Database Performance Monitoring

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A Quick Sample of Quantified Impacts Using VividCortex

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75% faster query response within 30 minutes of finding the issue. In another case, reduced response from 200 milliseconds to 200 nanoseconds for a query running 13 million times daily


One of the world's busiest travel sites manages hundreds of billions of queries and petabytes of data each month. With VividCortex, the team is able to efficiently optimize resource utilization.
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Using VividCortex shortened the feedback loop by weeks so that I didn't have to add expensive hardware


"Previously, I would have added hardware first and hoped to find the time to measure and optimize later." — Lead Database Administrator Watch the Case Study.




50% projected hardware savings: “If we do that, we can reduce the cost on hardware to half because we don't need as much RAM.”


"I can list queries by source summed, and show that 7 of the top 10 are coming from one particular piece of software that need to be improved." — DBA Team Lead 
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90% reduction in time engineers spend investigating the root cause of a typical database spike


VividCortex has enabled the team to take action immediately to prevent a poor end-user experience. Query tag indexes help identify underperforming API endpoints by number of queries and time spent on the database.
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Database diagnosis that used to take 3-4 hours is done in minutes with VividCortex and yields results that are more certain/instructive.  Also cut query storage from 35 GB-100 GB per day to less than 1 GB.


"I look at top queries on a daily basis... VividCortex shows which queries were running, each version of those queries, the number of executions, and the amount of resources consumed. On an investigation level, this is extremely helpful." — Database Engineer
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Hired 2 fewer DBAs after providing the entire engineering team with VividCortex.


“VividCortex is a great way for us to assess how much effort we need to put into scaling our database infrastructure." — CTO 
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Gained insights that immediately led to core business logic changes, resulting in 10x improvement in business metrics


"VividCortex was second to none in how quickly an engineer could take action and understand what they were doing. The instant the deploy changed, we could confirm exactly what we had anticipated." — Chairman, CTO  
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90% decrease in temporary tables usage, allowing smaller instance sizes and corresponding decrease in hardware spend


SalesLoft engineers use historical view in VividCortex to track patterns in system utilization, so they can accurately plan out and optimize system resources.  
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70% reduction in maximum CPU utilization spikes (from 80% to 10%) by making it easier to uncover database issues


Tradesy developers do their own database administration, which minimizes bottlenecks. VividCortex helps them optimize resource utilization, reduce database incidents and save time previously lost on cumbersome log file analysis. 
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“Out of the box, VividCortex saves me 2 or 3 years of time trying to figure out how to monitor our databases."
— Senior DevOps


Engineers determine the precise hardware costs of servers supporting ActiveProspect’s 4 applications. Each contributes a different amount of revenue, which may not match the burden it puts on the company’s database.   
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~500 millisecond improvement in UI response time in 6 months, achieving the company’s annual goal for keeping customers happy


“We started using New Relic for APM, SOASTA for front-end, and then we got started with VividCortex. Of those three, VividCortex probably gave us the biggest bang for the buck." — Chief Technology Officer.
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Not only was PatientPing able to make queries run up to 10x faster, they also found & fixed a problematic query pattern to achieve double-digit reductions in memory use and stabilized at a new sustainable level to reduce risk of outages. 


"We empower developers to understand exactly how their code behaves in production...but the database was essentially a black box. VividCortex solved this for us. Every team now has access to real-time data on how each of their queries is impacting the system, and they can tune their own code in response."
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