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database-performance-monitoring-software-1Your database is a uniquely demanding and complex tier in your app, and needs specific instrumentation. With VividCortex you can see query and server performance with amazing clarity, and find performance problems that you couldn't detect before. Your engineers can quickly diagnose and resolve outages with smart analytics, and optimize spent resources by as much as 50%. Your team can collaborate through an intuitive dashboard that allows them to be self-reliant so you can ship code with speed and confidence.


Before an Issue Arises

  • Reduce risk - after a code deployment find changes and explore query behavior
  • Improve performance - identify outliers and see system changes over time
  • Gain efficiency - get recommendations, find configuration issues, and customize alerts


During & After an Issue Happens

  • Speed recovery - Quickly isolate potential issues in the database 
  • Understand - See detailed query behavior across all servers for deep visibility
  • Get Support - database experts to help answer your questions fast

 Use Cases


Deploy Code with Confidence

Understand the impact of new code releases instantly


Troubleshoot and Diagnose Outages

Dive deeper, find answers, and mitigate future risk


Understand your Database Health

Gain performance insights across all of your systems at once






Team Efficiency 

Empower your entire engineering team with database monitoring


System Performance

Accelerate service to your customers with database monitoring 


Infrastructure Cost Savings

Database performance monitoring drives resource optimization



For a quick introduction to our solution, watch this short video. 

VividCortex- Eliminate Your Most Critical Visibility Gaps 2019a


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