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    VividCortex Announces Greater Database Monitoring Simplicity & Power for Engineering Teams

    Three new features – Explorer, Notebooks and Charts Dashboards – allow developers and technical operations engineers to use VividCortex to meet their respective needs.

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  • Deploy Code Confidently with VividCortex

    Measuring the Impact of Code Deployments

    Does your team struggle to understand post-release changes in database performance? VividCortex makes it easy to compare time ranges, uncover issues with queries, and share those queries with colleagues. Watch Video

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  • Answer the Most Critical Database Questions

    Application performance starts with your database.

    Most app performance issues originate in the database, but engineering teams lack visibility into the data tier. VividCortex provides unique insights into database workload and query performance, enabling faster issue resolution. The result is better performance, reliability, and uptime. Watch Video

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  • Six Ways to Make VividCortex Work for You

    Answer the most critical database questions.

    This ebook will help you understand key questions that you should pose about your database—and it will show you exactly how you can answer them, quickly and safely, with VividCortex.

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Our cloud-based platform provides unique insights into database workload and query response, 
enabling engineers to improve application speed, efficiency, and up-time.  Learn more.

We support your favorite
open source databases:
MySQL MySQL PostgreSQL PostgreSQL Amazon AuroraAmazon
Redis Redis MongoDB MongoDB


Hundreds of industry leaders rely on VividCortex




“VividCortex is the primary tool we use to monitor the health and status of all our databases.”— CTO

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“While other products look at different components of the stack, VividCortex fills a key performance monitoring gap by focusing on deep integration with the database.”— Director, SRE

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“When an engineer sat down for the first time with VividCortex, they immediately saw… a dozen improvements that they could make in their app to optimize their use of Postgres RDS." — CTO

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“VividCortex is incredibly straightforward, and it proves to be helpful with each and every use.” 
— Engineering Manager


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Why VividCortex?



VividCortex provides Tech Ops and SREs with unmatched depth of data so they can quickly understand if they have a database, I/O, or hardware performance issue. 

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VividCortex democratizes performance data so you can remove QA bottlenecks. Release code faster by empowering your entire team to inspect their own queries. 

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VividCortex gives your data engineers and DBAs the rankings, error reports, and explain plans they need to identify poorly performing and poorly written queries. 

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