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    Eliminate Your Most Critical APM Visibility Gap

    Deep Insights to Proactively
    Improve Your Database
    Performance, Efficiency,
    and Uptime

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  • Queueing Theory Database Monitoring Resource

    The Essential Guide to Queueing Theory

    Queueing theory rules everything around you. This recent update to our popular ebook provides a 30-page introduction to queueing theory, demystifying the subject without pages full of equations.

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Database Visibility for Your Entire Engineering Team

Get immediate database performance insights with a powerful cloud-hosted platform. Drill down to find and solve problems deep within distributed, hybrid databases. Analyze your workload visually with intuitive performance tools and specialized dashboards. Proactively fix future performance problems before customers notice.

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Improve Application Performance and Availability

Your database is a uniquely demanding and complex tier in your app, and needs database-specific instrumentation. See query and server performance with amazing clarity, and find performance problems that you couldn't even detect before.

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"VividCortex is a must-have, and everyone on the team uses it to see the effects of system changes."


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