The New Face of Database Monitoring

Built for the New Age of Data

Valerie Parham

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VividCortex is a monitoring system that gives us full insight into our database - at the system level, the query level, and the database performance level.

Dave Zwieback

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VividCortex helps our engineers find and resolve complex problems more quickly, improving performance of our platform, and giving us the time to focus on new features.

Arie Kachler

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This is the highest level of visibility we've ever seen in our MySQL servers.

Sam Lambert

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The ability to get deep query analysis for such simple setup is game changing.

Tim Chadwick

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At this point, it is considered a must have, and everyone on the team uses it to see the effects of system changes.

Advanced monitoring for the most advanced opensource databases.

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Key Benefits

For Developers

See the effects of your code pushes immediately through a streamlined UI. Eliminate the middle man and self-service to ship more code, more often, more effectively.

For SysAdmins

Drive your servers harder and fix problems faster through high-resolution query insight. Conserve internal resources through SaaS delivery and self-configuring agents.

For IT Managers

Save on the cost of building and maintaining in-house tools while improving department efficiency. Have fewer headaches and focus on delighting your customers.

Solve Problems Faster

You have servers to do useful work, and that's what you care about when troubleshooting. So why do your monitoring tools measure random metrics instead of the work your systems actually do?

Our Adaptive Fault Detection technology measures the work being done, and alerts you when disks or servers stall.

Our events dashboard automatically captures database and OS events, so you can correlate what's happening. You can quickly see the status of systems to resolve errors.

VividCortex Captures Events
VividCortex Measures Database Queries and OS Metrics

Optimize Resource Utilization

One-minute or five-minute resolution just doesn't cut it.

VividCortex measures database queries and OS metrics in 1-second granularity. It classifies queries into families so you can analyze and compare workload across one or many servers.

Our interactive Top Queries tools show query changes over time and after a code deploy. You can visualize the amount of CPU, I/O, Disk or Network a query consumes and adjust to use resources effectively.

Reduce Infrastructure Cost

VividCortex shows you where to focus your efforts, helping you immediately find and fix resource hogs and poor performance.

And we do this without adding overhead or latency. Our agents are written in Go, so they're super efficient. They deploy in seconds.

The agents are adaptive and self-configuring, saving you the time and headache of maintenance. There's no code or configuration changes. No proxies, logging or man-in-the-middle SPOF. Plus, the service is hosted for you (SaaS) saving even more time and money.

VividCortex Agents deploy in seconds, with no code or configuration changes