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    VividCortex joins SolarWinds!

    On-prem, cloud native, and anywhere in between. With VividCortex joining SolarWinds – we have your databases covered.

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Our fast, easy, cloud-based platform delivers full visibility into database workload and query behavior.
VividCortex drives speed, efficiency, and savings by empowering your entire engineering team. Learn more.

We support your favorite open source databases

VividCortex- Eliminate Your Most Critical Visibility Gaps 2019a

What is VividCortex and How Can We Help Your Engineers?

•  SaaS monitoring with a web-based user interface
•  Monitors databases in any cloud, locally, or hybrid
•  Lightweight agents via multiple configurations
•  Protects sensitive data, GDPR & SOC2 compliant

<  WATCH THIS short video to see how VividCortex  eliminates your most critical visibility gaps.


System Performance: Accelerate Service to Users with Database Monitoring

Tune up your database/application interactions with high-granularity insight, powerful visualizations and fault detection.  Learn More.


Team Efficiency: Empower Your Entire Engineering Team with Database Monitoring

Improve database performance and team productivity with real-time visibility, historical metrics and outlier detection.  Learn More.


Cost Savings: Database Performance Monitoring Drives Resource Optimization

Eliminate over-provisioning and maximize system utilization to streamline operations and reduce overhead costs. Learn More.


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VividCortex Makes It Easy to Monitor How Your Database Is Performing... and Why

It only takes a few clicks to drill deep into database workload and query response metrics. This humble slideshow offers a quick preview. (To try our actual, highly intuitive  interface and see the power of our platform, ask for a free trial.)  CLICK HERE for a brief Guided Demo.

VividCortex Customers Get Strong, Quantifiable ROI
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