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    Application performance starts with your database.

    Most app performance issues originate in the database, but engineering teams lack visibility into the data tier. VividCortex provides unique insights into database workload and query performance, enabling faster issue resolution. The result is better application performance, reliability, and uptime.

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    Answer the most critical database questions.

    This ebook will help you understand key questions that you should pose about your database—and it will show you exactly how you can answer them, quickly and safely, with VividCortex.

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Stop flying blind.

You can’t improve what you can’t see, but your data tier is complex and hard to measure, so problems are hard to diagnose. VividCortex gives you full-capture performance visibility across large-scale distributed databases, from an bird’s eye view of an entire datacenter to an individual query execution in two clicks.

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Measure what matters most.

The single most important element of database management is query performance.  VividCortex measures the performance of every individual query, not vanity metrics. VividCortex’s interactive summaries, visualizations, and dashboards help uncover hidden query performance metrics.  In production, safely, at any scale. This lets you uncover, find, and fix problems other systems can’t even see.

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Made for teams.
Built by experts.

When everyone in the engineering team has immediate visibility into production database performance, productivity flourishes. VividCortex shows you before-and-after visualizations of critical events like code deploys and migrations, and whether they changed database behavior or workload. The result is shared ownership of database performance and better collaboration. Our customers vouch for it: with VividCortex, they ship better code faster, with confidence.

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Got APM?
You still need VividCortex.

Nearly all of our customers use APM products. But take it from them, database performance management requires specialized capabilities that APM solutions just do not have.  We only do database performance and we do it well.  It works so well that major APM vendors use us to monitor their own databases.


Immediate results.
Lasting value.

With VividCortex, you’ll create immediate value for your team and customers. VividCortex is a secure, low-overhead, SaaS platform that you can deploy in minutes. It requires no hardware purchases or maintenance, and scales with you. The results? Significant improvements in database performance, engineering productivity, and customer satisfaction.

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