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You need a convenient and efficient way to monitor your database's performance on a day-to-day basis. VividCortex makes check-ups simple, with flexible tools and expert guidance – and fills a critical gap in your monitoring stack.

Our best-in-class database performance monitoring platform can help you attain your KPI goals for availability, deploy frequency, reduced failed deploys, lead time for changes, mttd, mttr, etc. Get instant recommendations on where to change server configuration or find queries with potentially bad behavior.  

Application and service engineers, including leading DevOps teams, use VividCortex proactively to keep databases healthy and achieve Proven Results. 

"I look at top queries on a daily basis... VividCortex shows which queries were running, each version of those queries, the number of executions, and the amount of resources consumed. On an investigation level, this is extremely helpful."
— Database Engineer, PayLease



Did you know?   
High performing DevOps teams assess data across their entire stack, allowing them to strategize and organize for highest utility and value add.

-- 2019 State of DevOps Report, DORA


Find and Reduce Your Technical Debt

  • Track metrics and watch for trends with our health summary for databases and systems
  • Get recommendations based on best practices
  • Explore performance outliers
  • Manage resource capacity
  • Create customized dashboards to monitor KPIs

Here's How We Do It


Track Your Resource Utilization and Get Best Practices Guidance

Click the “Health” icon in the left nav to see a summary of database performance across all of your systems. Go to Best Practices for expert recommendations on where to change server configuration or find queries with potentially bad behavior. This dashboard lists all of the checks that one or more of your database instances or queries are currently failing. For details, just click one of the Categories and one of the Types to expand.

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Share Health-Check Results with Your Team to Facilitate Collaboration

To ensure a database healthy, you need to keep your colleagues up to date on the latest monitoring metrics and analysis.

  • Create a new notebook from the template and save it with information specific to your account.
  • Use the same notebook to save results over time, and see how your database health is trending.
  • Complete each section, noting any anomalies found in the Summary Dashboard.
  • Share the notebook with others using the short link in the navigation menu, or print the notebook to a PDF to share with others outside of VividCortex.



Proven Results


Tradesy Developers Optimize Resource Utilization 

Tradesy is an online peer-to-peer resale marketplace for women’s luxury and designer contemporary fashion. With VividCortex, Tradesy achieved a 70% reduction in maximum CPU utilization spikes (from 80% to 10%) by making it easier to uncover database issues.

Tradesy developers do their own database administration, which minimizes bottlenecks. VividCortex helps them optimize resource utilization, reduce database incidents and save time previously lost on cumbersome log file analysis.  Read the Case study.




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