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VividCortex Brings New Visibility to DB Workload and Query Response

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VividCortex provides deep database performance monitoring for the entire engineering team at scale without overhead. We help increase system performance, team efficiency, and cost savings by offering complete visibility into leading open source databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL, AWS Aurora, MongoDB, and Redis.

  SaaS platform with a web-based user interface

  Monitors databases in any cloud, locally, or hybrid 


  Lightweight agents via multiple configurations

  Multiple ways to protect sensitive data, GDPR & SOC2 compliant

VividCortex goes beyond the alerting, dashboards and charts, system/workload metrics, and integration capabilities that are available from other monitoring tools by delivering full visibility into:

  • Everything the database does, from query execution to database internals and system resources
  • All types of open source databases in a single view, across thousands of servers enterprise-wide
  • Metrics for every query in 1 second granularity with quick, easy drill-down into the details
  • Time comparisons before and after any event 
  • Database-specific intelligence and best-practice recommendations

Key Features and Use Cases 


With Profiler, you can see the most time-consuming and frequently executed queries in your database and get instant visibility into query response changes.  For example, Profiler can help you deploy code with confidence by comparing time ranges to see if/how query response changed after a new release. Quickly find any queries that need work and see where changes are needed to increase customer satisfaction.  

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Explorer makes it easy to see your queries, their performance, and their impact on the database and infrastructure. View CPU utilization alongside query data, so you can quickly determine if queries are running more frequently, taking longer, or perhaps not using an index when they should. For example, Explorer can help you troubleshoot and diagnose outages by seeing how query-level behavior compares to system-level behavior. Dig in to see which servers are running individual queries and view sample executions.  

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Best Practices

VividCortex automatically reviews the settings of your operating system and database instances and identifies settings that are inconsistent with established guidance. Best Practices displays the results of these tests, allowing you to quickly find areas where you can improve the performance and security of your database. For example, this feature can help you understand your database health by viewing the results summary for all of your systems. It also shows you recommendations on where to change server configuration or find queries with potentially bad behavior.

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VividCortex Makes It Easy to Monitor How Your Database Is Performing... and Why

It only takes a few clicks to drill deep into database workload and query response metrics. This humble slideshow offers a quick preview. (To try our actual, highly intuitive  interface and see the power of our platform, ask for a free trial.)  CLICK HERE for a brief Guided Demo.

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