Webinar: How Performance Monitoring Leads to Better, Faster, Code Deployment

Join VividCortex CEO Baron Schwartz and SendGrid DBA Silvia Botros as they discuss how performance monitoring leads to better, faster code deployment.


 MongoDB Launch Webinar 2

New Functionality for MongoDB

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing the most comprehensive database monitoring solution available, VividCortex is proud to announce upcoming enhancements for MongoDB!

Check out this quick webinar as we discuss and provide a demonstration of these new capabilities.  


 Performance Engineer Cover Slide-1.png

How To Be A Performance-Driven Engineer

As an engineer, you're smart and capable, but you may feel that diagnosing performance problems is more of an art or a skill than a science. The truth is, there are elements of all three, and everyone can learn a performance mindset.


Five Things to Monitor After Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The rush of Black Friday activity may be over, but that doesn't mean retail organizations should stop paying close attention to their databases. In this webinar recording, we discuss 5 things to keep monitoring after Black Friday and Cyber Monday.



What to Monitor For Black Friday and Cyber Monday

In the recording of this webinar from 11/15/2016, Baron Schwartz discusses the aspects of databases that retail organizations should be prepared to monitor before they encounter activity surges on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.



What's New in MySQL 8.0 and PostgreSQL 9.6

In this recording from VividCortex's live webinar on October 25, 2016, Baron Schwartz discusses some of the new features and capabilities available in MySQL 8.0 and PostgreSQL 9.6.


 Monitoring with Percentiles Image

Monitoring with Percentiles

In this recording from VividCortex's live webinar, Baron Schwartz leads an exploration of the subject of percentiles and how they're used for performance monitoring.


5 Tips on Determining the Most Impactful Metrics in Your App

Your monitoring works... but is it "work-centric"? This webinar, co-hosted by Preetam Jinka of VividCortex and Matt Williams of Datadog, is all about the best ways to define and monitor your app's most important performance metrics.


Siesta: A Different Go Framework

Preetam Jinka, brainiac and mathematics guru explains a different approach to Go frameworks.


Breaking Databases: Keeping Your Ruby on Rails ORM Under Control Webinar

Object-relational mapping is common in most modern web frameworks such as Ruby on Rails. For the developer APIs


6 Ways Ansible Can Improve Your Workflow

Ansible is an automation tool that improves IT workflow. It is simple, agentless and flexible.


Catena: A High-Performance Time-Series Storage Engine

There are plenty of storage engines out there, but none of them seem to offer fast and efficient time series storage and indexing.


 save money

5 Ways To Reduce Database Infrastructure Costs

Are your databases more costly than they need to be? If you’re not sure, this webinar will show you how to find out, quickly and easily, with KPIs that indicate overprovisioning or opportunity for driving more efficiency from your databases.


What Should I Monitor, and How Should I Do It?

Monitoring tools offer two core types of functionality: alerts based on aliveness checks and comparing metrics to thresholds, and displaying time-series charts of status counters.



How Indexes Work in MySQL

Finely tune your query writing and database performance with tips from the experts.


StackScope Webinar: Industry Roundtable

VividCortex’s StackScope webinar series is the free online roundtable seminar you need to size up tomorrow’s technology landscape today.


Creating a Time-Series Database in MySQL

Relational databases aren’t very well suited to time-series data in some ways, but MySQL is powerful and flexible. 


Developing MySQL Applications with Go

In this webinar, Baron Schwartz, our CEO and Founder, introduces the integration of Go and MySQL.


Knowing the Unknowable: Per-Query Metrics

At VividCortex, we use statistical techniques to infer the relationship between a statement's execution and work that cannot be measured inside the server.


Kafka: Migrating to a Log-Centered Infrastructure

For many companies, VividCortex included, Big Data is not merely a component of the business. It is the business.


Ship All the Things: Intro to ChatOps and Hubot

Owen Zanzal, a developer and brainiac, presents on integrating ChatOps to improve workflow.


Anomaly Detection Webinar

Do you get a lot of false alerts from monitoring tools? Do your monitoring tools reliably tell you when things are wrong? If you're like most people, you'll say no -- you get false alarms and your alerts miss real problems.