Visibility: How VividCortex Works

As a SaaS platform, VividCortex is easy to install and simple for teams to use to get started viewing their databases with deep insight and granularity. For all instances, VividCortex pulls data from a host by deploying a set of agents. VividCortex’s discovery looks for specific processes that are listening for TCP connections. Additional agents will run depending on the database instances the system finds. Both a “metrics” agent and a “query” agent exist for each database type we support.


Using sophisticated analysis methods and proprietary fault detection, VividCortex displays its information in a dynamic interface, with dashboards optimized for organizing and viewing the most relevant information about a database’s activity and work. These dashboards are easy to understand but also highly customizable, offering value for both database novices and experts alike. Cloud capabilities make it easy for teams to share VividCortex’s views via deep linking and to scale database systems as they grow. Enterprise security features such as role-based access control and single sign-on capability make team management and user provisioning safe and easy to integrate into organizations’ existing technologies.

Read more about VividCortex’s agents, dashboards, and features, and visit our documentation pages for more in-depth looks at each aspect of the platform.

Karen Clark, @clarkkaren
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