Highly Observable Systems eBook

How to Architect and Build Highly Observable Systems

Is your application easy to monitor in production? Many applications are, but sadly, some are designed with observability as an afterthought.  This 2019 Edition ebook focuses on monitoring as a vitally important factor for running apps at scale. 


 golang-book-2019 copy-small

Ultimate Guide to Building Database-Intensive Apps with Go

Go, aka GoLang, is one of the fastest growing programming languages in the software industry. Speed, simplicity, and reliability make it an outstanding choice for all kinds of developers.  A decade after its release to the public, GoLang is now widely seen as a top programming trend for 2019 and beyond.


 DevOps for the Database (1)

DevOps for the Database

DevOps culture and processes are transforming software development and delivery at many companies. Yet not all of them are applying DevOps practices to the biggest bottleneck and the biggest opportunity for improvement facing many engineering teams: the database.


 Queueing_Essential_Guide_Perspective Img.jpg

The Essential Guide to Queueing Theory

Queueing theory rules everything around you. This newest version of our highly accessible, 30-page introduction to queueing theory demystifies the subject without requiring pages full of equations.


Practical Scalability Analysis with the Universal Scalability Law

The Universal Scalability Law models how systems perform as they grow. This 52-page book demystifies the USL and shows how to use it for many practical purposes such as capacity planning.



Configuring MySQL for Performance

Much of the benefit of MySQL configuration comes from setting a few important options. This 15-page ebook explains MySQL configuration.


Practical Query Optimization for MySQL and PostgreSQL

In this book, you’ll learn how to find, evaluate, and improve the queries running on your database servers.