Host filtering, Improved Widget Styling, and Fixed Replication Events

Posted by Release Notes on Nov 16, 2016 3:56:40 PM

Here are the update notes for the period of October 31 - November 11, 2016. Let us know if you have any questions!

App Changes:

  • Improved styling of the Faults Info widget.
    Faults Widget Styling.png

  • Improved the display of SQL Explain Plans for queries that operate on multiple tables.
    SQL Explain Plans Display.png

  • Added new suggestion capabilities to the Hosts Selector filter. Now, in addition to host names, the selector will display suggestions by host type and host tags.
    Host Selector Filter.png

  • Fixed the host selector so that the exterior window will remain stationary while the interior window scrolls.
    • Before:

    • After:
      Double Scrolling - After.gif

  • Added a chart for InnoDB Buffer Pool Cache Hit Ratio.
    InnoDB Buffer Pool Cache Chart.png

  • Updated the Profiler to filter out rankings that do not have results for the current hosts within the selected time interval.

Agent Changes:

  • Fixed Replication Stopped/Started events for MySQL 5.7 hosts.