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November 2016 Newsletter

Database Performance Monitoring Buyer's Guide

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We’re excited to offer a new, free, state-of-the-market Database Performace Buyer's Guide. We’ve formatted this guide to aid you in weighing the available options when considering which product you should use to gain deep visibility into your databases. Complete with an easily customizable and universally applicable worksheet, the guide can assist you in comparing several monitoring products side-by-side.

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PayLease: A Video Case Study

In this video case study, our users at PayLease explain how VividCortex has helped them provide leading online payment processing services for property managers across the country. PayLease's platform provides property management companies the ability to receive rent or lease payments online, providing flexibility and convenience to residents across the country.

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Webinar Recap: Five Things to Monitor After Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The rush of Black Friday activity may be over, but that doesn't mean retail organizations should stop paying close attention to their databases. In this webinar recording, we discuss 5 things to keep monitoring after Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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Square Root Staffing Law Workbook

This free Excel workbook uses the square root staffing law to estimate the amount of capacity users need to provision to provide uniform quality of service at a higher load than their systems currently handle.

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Upcoming Webinar:
How to Be A Performance-Driven Engineer

As an engineer, you're smart and capable, but you may feel that diagnosing performance problems is more of an art or a skill than a science. The truth is, there are elements of all three, and everyone can learn a performance mindset. Join us on January 10 to discuss the fundamentals of performance. It's designed for all engineers, not just for DBAs. 


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eBook: Estimating CPU Per Query With Weighted Linear Regression

It's sometimes impossible to answer what's consuming resources like CPU, IO, and memory in a complex piece of software such as a database. But don't abandon hope! This ebook explains how a specialization of ordinary linear regression can give useful answers to seemingly unsolvable database questions.


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