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High-Granularity Insight, Powerful Visualizations and Fault Detection Help You Understand and Strengthen Your System


2. Viewing a month's worth of faults, showing the time dilation in real-timeTune up your system with visibility from VividCortex. Our cloud-based platform monitors thousands of metrics across your systems at 1-second resolution for full visibility into your database workload. These high-granularity metrics are visualized across an intuitive interface with zoom-in and drill down capabilities. VividCortex also provides smart analytics to help you quickly diagnose issues so you can make code improvements and/or resolve outages faster.

In addition, Adaptive Fault Detection is a patented technology that VividCortex provides so you can easily detect any small interruptions in the server or service availability. A fault is best described as a brief stall, where requests (queries, I/O operations) continue to arrive but are not serviced. Finding faults while they are small can help you make proactive improvements to boost future performance and avoid serious outages. 

Proven Results




70% Reduction in Maximum CPU Utilization Spikes

Tradesy developers do their own database administration, which minimizes bottlenecks. VividCortex helps them optimize resource use, reduce database incidents and save time previously lost on cumbersome log file analysis.  See Case Study




Database Diagnosis: Used to Take 3-4 hours, Now Done in Minutes 

PayLease engineering team members use VividCortex daily and get database analytic results that are both more certain and instructive – in a fraction of the time that it took them to do it in the past.   See Case Study


75% Faster Query Response & More, one of the world's busiest travel sites, manages hundreds of billions of queries and petabytes of data each month. With VividCortex, their team has been able to optimize resource utilization – in one case, making code changes to achieve 75% faster query response within 30 minutes of finding an issue. In another case, the team reduced response from 200 milliseconds to 200 nanoseconds for a query running 13 million times daily   See Case Study



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