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Understand and improve your database's performance

Velocity: Improve your database performance and team productivity

Before releasing code to production, developers and QA teams can visualize the performance impact and runtime behavior of upcoming changes. Use visual performance analysis, deep SQL parsing and heuristics, and execution plan analytics to spot significant events and trends.

Get the full story with historical performance data.

Realtime visibility is great, but you need to be able to analyze the 3-second blip in service that happened Saturday at 2am too. Only by finding and solving such "broken windows" early-onset events can you prevent them from escalating. VividCortex keeps high-granularity data for as long as you need, and low-granularity data for over a year by default. You can use it to zoom into any point in the past, perform capacity planning, analyze scalability, and much more.

Detect outliers and changes at any level of drill-down.

VividCortex gives you all the data you need to pinpoint any problem, detect it early, and alert on it. For example, you can alert on the 99th percentile latency of any type of query your application sends to your database. Or perhaps you'd like to alert on any database whose 99th percentile latency is too high? Yep. Plus, there's a host of sophisticated built-in expert advice, purpose-built anomaly detection, prebuilt dashboards, and more.

Shopify Video Case Study

Shopify's engineering team explains how VividCortex has helped them achieve complete visibility into their database tier, diagnose performance problems, and assist developers in deploying code at incredible volume, with confidence.

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