Workload analytics identify top resource hogs, enabling you to reduce CPU, I/O, memory, and network utilization by as much as 50-80%.


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Eliminate over-provisioning and maximize server resource utilization.

It sometimes seems impossible to determine what's consuming resources like CPU, IO, and memory in a complex piece of software such as a database. But don't abandon hope!

With advanced analysis like weighted linear regression, VividCortex lets you easily identify which subsets of your database's workloads are consuming too many resources. Use those insights to achieve better performance from your servers, decrease your datacenter footprint, and offset hardware purchases.

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Reduce key-person risk, capacity risk, and process risk.

Operations staff frequently have to deal with stress, interruptions, and even system crises. However, team synergy can be improved by introducing more people to database operations.  

VividCortex provides secure visibility into production database performance, letting everyone self-service. Developers can better understand how their code deployments affect the data tier. As more team members get comfortable with data metrics, they can help mitigate risks anytime a DBA is unavailable.

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As Software-as-a-Service, VividCortex is built for modern organizations and systems.

The tech industry’s recent evolution shows that multi-tenant SaaS solutions drive faster adoption across the board. Most enterprises now spend significant portions of their IT budgets on SaaS solutions due to the competitive advantages and cost savings they afford. As a SaaS solution, VividCortex is always on and accessible from anywhere; dramatically less expensive and more nimble than an on-premise alternative; continually innovating and updating; at least as secure as any on-premise solution; and built by experts, by definition.

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"SalesLoft was able to decrease its use of temporary tables by 90%, which allowed its engineers to reduce their instance sizes, saving substantial operational costs."

—Mike Shepet, Director, Site Reliability Engineering

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eBook: The Hidden Costs of Data Engineering

Database management in a modern environments involves many complex problems and scenarios. This ebook presents the results of a 2016 survey conducted with the goal of discovering what data engineering teams across the country require to perform their jobs effectively, according to the team members themselves.

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New discoveries about your database in a matter of moments.