Application Performance Monitoring

Advanced fault detection.

Advance and unique adaptive fault detection strengthens system performance.

Adaptive Fault Detection is a patented technology that VividCortex uses to find small interruptions in the server or in service availability. A fault is best described as a small stall, where requests for work (queries, I/O operations) continue to arrive but are not properly serviced. Finding faults while they are small can avoid serious outages later.

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VividCortex's one-second granularity means you can see the intricacies of your data tier.

VividCortex monitors thousands of metrics in your systems at 1-second resolution, providing unprecedented visibility. These measurements pertain to queries that execute in all databases we support; counters and status metrics that are exposed by those queries; operating system host metrics including disk, network, CPU and memory; and per-process metrics such as CPU and memory.

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Powerful, intuitive visualizations make it easy to understand your complex systems, at a glance.

VividCortex's visual interface has extremely deep zoom-in and drill-down capabilities. Sophisticated design and coloration on histograms and query latency bands make it easy to detect system changes and events. Smart analytics help developers and operations diagnose and resolve outages faster, reducing overall mean-time-to-resolution. Say goodbye to slow query logs and tedious before-and-after comparisons.

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