Engineering teams of all types can use high-resolution, query-level database monitoring to improve their system performance in a variety of significant ways. We see customers turn to VividCortex to reduce utilization and optimize resources such as CPU and I/O by as much as 80%; to find buried, needle-in-the-haystack performance regressions in particular query types; to track the ways that code deploys impact their systems in real time; to free up time for teams by providing visibility into subtle database activities, accelerating problem resolution; and much, much more.  




Application Performance

Your database is a uniquely demanding and complex tier in your app, and needs database-specific instrumentation. See query and server performance with amazing clarity, and find performance problems that you couldn't even detect before. 

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Datacenter Cost Reduction

Your engineering team can quickly diagnose and resolve outages with smart analytics, and optimize spent resources like CPU and I/O by as much as 80%. 

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Engineering Acceleration

Your team can collaborate through an intuitive, visual dashboard allowing them to be self-reliant, and to ship code with greater speed and confidence.

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Database Security

Deep SQL and network analytics find early indicators of leading vulnerabilities such as attempted SQL injection attacks, even if they're unsuccessful.

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