Siesta: A Different Go Framework

Catena: A High-Performance Time-Series Storage Engine

Preetam Jinka, brainiac and mathematics guru explains a different approach to Go frameworks.

This blog post explaining Siesta was a hit, and this webinar is sure to be insightful as well. You will leave the webinar with a better understanding of how this lightweight solution operates.

Most web frameworks for Go are written in the same, idiomatic way, which embraces net/http and its Handler type. The first step that frameworks make is extending the standard HTTP package, but they draw the line for built-in features and functionality all over the map. From our experience looking for a better framework, we often found lightweight frameworks lacked a feature or two that we were particularly interested in, but incorporating those features would have been either difficult or inelegant.

When we developed Siesta, we made sure to keep it as simple as possible to avoid spaghetti code both in the package itself and user-facing code that uses it. As a result, Siesta enables a lot more functionality without imposing a strict view for writing HTTP services.


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