5 Ways To Reduce Database Infrastructure Costs

5 Ways To Reduce Database Infrastructure Costs

Are your databases more costly than they need to be? If you’re not sure, this webinar will show you how to find out, quickly and easily, with KPIs that indicate overprovisioning or opportunity for driving more efficiency from your databases. If there is an opportunity to run your databases at lower cost, you’ll find out how to identify which of 5 key areas offer the biggest chances for improvement, and a specific action plan to get results fast.

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 In this webinar, Baron discusses database cost reduction. The key topics you’ll learn are:

  • Evaluating your current efficiency.
  • Determining if there’s an opportunity to lower your database costs.
  • Five simple steps to achieve maximum cost efficiency from your databases: query efficiency, consolidation, reduction of diversity, right-sizing, and cloud computing. For each step you’ll learn how to find out whether it applies to your situation, and how to take action on it.

After this webinar, you’ll understand how to measure, assess, and sometimes lower the cost of your database infrastructure by up to 50%. Register below, and we will send you a recording.