Kafka: Migrating to a Log-Centered Infrastructure


For many companies, VividCortex included, Big Data is not merely a component of the business. It is the business. Managing the crushing volume and velocity of data requires planning from the foundations of the infrastructure. A radically new approach is an IT structure in which the data log serves as the backbone.

John Berryman, a developer and brainiac, presents on migrating VividCortex to this log-centered infrastructure through Kafka.

This talk provides in-depth understanding of log-centered infrastructure. John explains the details of a system where search engines and databases are merely indexes and aggregators over the data and the true system of record is the Log. He relays the state of VividCortex prior to adopting the Log, the strategy used when migrating to Kafka and the benefits of doing so. You will leave with sufficient knowledge to determine whether or not you can apply similar infrastructure within your company.

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