Anomaly Detection Webinar


Do you get a lot of false alerts from monitoring tools? Do your monitoring tools reliably tell you when things are wrong? If you're like most people, you'll say no -- you get false alarms and your alerts miss real problems.

Some of the reasons can be traced to threshold-based monitoring alerts. Thresholds are a crude type of anomaly detection, and more sophisticated anomaly detection techniques have been gaining attention. The hope is that better anomaly detection can find system problems more reliably. Baron Schwartz, CEO & Founder, discusses statistical techniques for finding unusual or outlying events in time-series data. He covers the following topics:

  • What is anomaly detection?
  • Why are IT engineers expressing interest in anomaly detection?
  • What statistical techniques are often used?
  • What should the field of IT operations management learn from disciplines such as finance?
  • How well do statistical techniques work on machine data?
  • What options, besides statistical techniques, are worth considering?
  • What types of anomaly detection does VividCortex use?

Although this presentation will include some math, it will all be explained in intuitive terms, so no mathematical background is needed to understand the concepts presented.

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