Breaking Databases: Keeping Your Ruby on Rails ORM Under Control Webinar

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Object-relational mapping is common in most modern web frameworks such as Ruby on Rails. For the developer APIs, the ORM provides simplified interaction with the database and a productivity boost. However, the layer of abstraction the ORM provides can hide how the database is being queried. If you’re not paying attention, these generated queries can have a negative effect on your database’s health and performance.

Broken Computer


Join Owen August 4th at 2 PM EST (6 PM GMT), as he discusses ways common Rails ORMs can abuse various databases and how VividCortex can be used to discover them. He will show the before and after effects on database performance, using VividCortex to measure results.

This webinar is useful for any developer or sysadmin working with Ruby On Rails. While we use our product to detect problems, it will be helpful even if you do not currently use VividCortex.

About the Presenter

Owen Zanzal is a developer at VividCortex, where he is on the operations team. In his career he has worked on just about every aspect of the Stack and uses that experience to find the best solution for the job. At VividCortex has defined the continuous delivery pipeline, automated server configuration using Ansible, and has redefined operations by introducing ChatOps. He is passionate about sharing his experiences and learning from others. He organizes DevOpsCV a regular DevOps meet up taking place in Charlottesville Virginia area. When Owen’s not hacking he enjoys traveling, building & racing drones, and home brewing. He is a self professed craft beer snob, so If you run into him at the bar don’t dare offer him a Bud Light, he will be offended.

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