VividCortex Product Demo

Product Demo Video Cover.png

See VividCortex give real-time insights into database workload & query response. This short video exhibits some of our database monitoring solution's key features in a tour of the app. Learn how to quickly enable your engineers to improve app speed, efficiency, and up-time. In this real-time demo, you will see how a user can drill down into unusual query behavior and pinpoint activity associated with overall system spikes in errors or latency. You'll also be able to examine some of the key characteristics of an individual query, singled out amongst millions in a system. 

VividCortex is a secure, cloud-hosted platform that eliminates your most critical APM visibility gap, providing deep insights into production database workload and query performance. 

VividCortex database performance monitoring provides unique insights into workload and query response so engineers can proactively resolve potential issues before they impact customers. The result is better application performance, reliability, and uptime. Industry leaders like DraftKings, Etsy, GitHub, Shopify, and Yelp use VividCortex to innovate with confidence – visualizing, anticipating, and fixing database performance problems before they impact their applications and customers. VividCortex is backed by leading venture capital firms including New Enterprise Associates, Battery Ventures, Osage Venture Partners, and Bull City Venture Partners.