February 20 2015

Practical Scalability Analysis with the Universal Scalability Law


The Universal Scalability Law models how systems perform as they grow. This 52-page book demystifies the USL and shows how to use it for many practical purposes such as capacity planning.


 What’s better than fixing problems with scalability? The ability to design systems (and organizations) that scale in the first place. This is worth its weight in gold.

Scalability is not a vague notion. It’s a precisely defined mathematical concept. Although it’s a scientific topic, it doesn’t need to be mysterious. This eBook introduces scalability analysis using Dr. Neil J. Gunther’s Universal Scalability Law, which not only models and predicts how systems perform, but illustrates the deep truths about scalability. After reading this book you’ll understand why systems fail to scale well and what to do about it. You’ll also learn how scalability is related to other fields of study, such as queueing theory and performance optimization.

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