Ubersmith, a leader in business management software for the cloud, is making operations more efficient than ever for subscription-based organizations. Databases are a key component of subscription-based services, and they are inherently at the core of Ubersmith’s operations.

One of the main challenges posed in developing and maintaining an all-in-one product like Ubersmith’s is addressing how new customers’ datasets can push the software in different directions. Every customer who uses Ubersmith represents a unique, often huge, database that will integrate with the various facets of Ubersmith’s suite. The contents of these databases often include clients, devices, invoices, services, support tickets, and more. As those customers’ businesses grow, their databases do too.

As Michael Styne, Ubersmith’s Direction of Operations, explained, this kind of growth tests scalability, and demands on scalability can often produce unpredictable effects. “When we have a client testing the outer edge with respect to scalability of the software,” he said, “we’ll often find that a certain query that performed well with a smaller dataset is a complete disaster for a ‘big client.’” 

Ubersmith first started using VividCortex after they had a client who reported a query that was performing poorly, discovered by an outside consultant who was helping the client with the Ubersmith installation. Naturally, the Ubersmith team normally locates these issues and addresses them far before deployment, but prior to having access to a database monitoring platform like VividCortex, seeing this kind of query profile was extremely difficult.


VividCortex’s Impact

VividCortex equips Ubersmith with the ability to see trends and to anticipate what kinds of strains on their system will require attention. Overall, this means Michael’s team can work quickly, smartly, and with knowledge of what’s likely to be around the next corner.

They were able to see these benefits virtually immediately upon beginning to use VividCortex. Once it was configured, “There, at the top of the list of problematic queries was the one that had been reported by the consultant,” Michael told us. Within seconds of entering the app, information about the query was discoverable and easily available. “If we had been using VividCortex all along, we — and our client — could have avoided the issue entirely.”

Without a full-time DBA, Ubersmith’s team employs VividCortex outside traditional engineering roles and responsibilities. Eventually, it will be used by their operations team, their lead developers, and by other members of the development team who are working on refactoring and improving database queries. By providing a variety of users access to VividCortex, Ubersmith is taking advantage of one of VividCortex’s most powerful use cases: the ability for developers to test the effects of new code on the database before that code is released into the wild. This means they can deploy code with confidence, and more team members than ever before can understand at granular level what the database is up to.


  • Deep analytics at the query level.
  • Growth tests for extreme scalability.
  • Ability to anticipate strains on the system, leading to proactive problem-solving.
  • Self-service capabaility for developers before pushing new code to production.
  • Database performance improvements even without a database specialist onboard.








VividCortex has proven extremely valuable for Ubersmith and its team composition, assisting them in finding performance issues in database configuration, both for Ubersmith themselves and for other applications necessary to managing their infrastructure. As Ubersmith’s powerful set of management platforms helps businesses organize the massive, manifold responsibilities of running subscription services, VividCortex keeps the databases underlying those services in pristine shape, optimized and operating smoothly.

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