June 21 2019

Ultimate Guide to Building Database-Intensive Apps with Go

The Ultimate Guide to Building Database-Driven Apps with Go

Go, aka GoLang, is one of the fastest growing programming languages in the software industry. Speed, simplicity, and reliability make it an outstanding choice for all kinds of developers.  A decade after its release to the public, GoLang is now widely seen as a top programming trend for 2019 and beyond. golang-book-2019 copy-small

That's why Baron Schwartz, VividCortex Founder and CTO, has just updated his popular 44-page ebook, The Ultimate Guide to Building Database-Intensive Apps with Go. This ebook has been downloaded daily by readers worldwide since it was first published in 2015.  And now the 2019 edition offers coverage right up to Go version 1.12.

With years of collected wisdom from experienced programmers, this ebook can save you time and mistakes – telling you what you need to know, when you need to know it. For example...

Why should you consider using Go? Although part of the C family, this modern language is elegant, simple, and clear, making creation and maintenance remarkably easy. It includes:

  • A garbage collector to manage memory for you
  • Built-in features simplify the process of writing concurrent programs
  • Goroutines, which you can think of as lightweight threads
  • Mechanisms to communicate amongst goroutines 
  • The ability to compile to self-contained binaries free of external dependencies 
  • High-performance and efficiency in terms of CPU and memory usage

Using Go to access databases brings you all the benefits of Go itself, plus an elegant database interface and a vibrant community of users and developers writing high-quality, open-source database drivers for you to use. Check out our 2019 edition ebook to learn more.

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