July 12, 2017

State of Production Database Performance 2017

State of Prod DBs eBook Cover - iPad.png

Software engineers need to know that the sophisticated data platforms they’re building will perform and scale well, but they can’t find a trustworthy answer to an important question: which database technology is best for the job? This report uses novel techniques and real-world data to illuminate that problem from a fresh angle.

For the first time, we have measured thousands of real production databases instead of using synthetic benchmarks or controlled load tests, then applied formal mathematical models to extract the essential performance characteristics of large populations of database servers in actual, steady use.

State of Prod DBs eBook Cover - iPad.png

Co-authors Baron Schwartz and Dr. Neil J. Gunther reveal exactly how production databases perform in 2017, with a focus on MySQL and PostgreSQL. Which of these database systems functions better under load? Our report explores that question using real-world performance data as its basis. Read more to learn:

  • How a report like this can help you, your engineering team, and your company.
  • Why it's typically difficult to measure database production.
  • What we used as our performance data sources.
  • Our research's analysis methodology.
  • Exactly how MySQL compares to PostgreSQL.
  • And more!

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