Square Root Staffing Law Workbook

Square Root Staffing Worksheet.png

This free Excel workbook uses the square root staffing law to estimate the amount of capacity users need to provision to provide uniform quality of service at a higher load than their systems currently handle.

Square Root Staffing Worksheet

The square root staffing law is a rule of thumb derived from queueing theory, useful for getting an estimate of the capacity you might need to serve an increased amount of traffic. As Baron Schwartz, VividCortex's founder and CEO, explains in his blog post about the square root staffing law, "Capacity planning is a set of tradeoffs: for best quality of service, you must provision lots of spare capacity (headroom), but that’s wasteful. For best efficiency, you minimize idle capacity, but then quality of service becomes terrible." This workbook makes it possible to find a balance between those extremes.

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