SendGrid: Video Case Study

SendGrid Video Case Study


SendGrid manages a tremendous amount of data, sending over 30 billion emails per month. This video highlights how SendGrid's engineering team -- who handle over 30 clusters of MySQL and nearly 200 servers -- scales their databases, even as SendGrid's infrastructure and environment continue to grow.


We have 30 clusters of MySQL and close to 200 servers. By the way, these are all managed by one DBA, Silvia, who is tremendous, but the only reason she's able to independently manage a fleet that large is because of tools like VividCortex and the insight that it gives her.
— Chris McDermott, Product Operations Manager
Now, with VividCortex, whenever we have an issue that's impacting the mail processing throughput, we can very quickly go and answer, "What was running at that time? What was the most expensive query? What was taking up all the load?" Within an hour, we can typically figure out exactly which JIRA WAR to go to.
—Silvia Botros, Lead MySQL DBA

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