September 8, 2016

The Essential Guide to Queueing Theory

Queueing_Essential_Guide_Perspective Img.jpg

Queueing theory rules everything around you. This newest version of our highly accessible, 30-page introduction to queueing theory demystifies the subject without requiring pages full of equations.

Queueing_Essential_Guide_Perspective Img.jpg

Have you been in a grocery store lately, waiting in line, wondering why there aren’t enough cashiers? You’re experiencing queueing theory in action.

Reading this ebook will help you understand how to recognize and apply queueing theory in daily life, how to develop a strong intuition about queueing theory when you encounter it, and how to apply the theory to help you navigate complex or detailed problems.

Queueing theory exists everywhere, but it’s especially important within your systems and teams.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, engineer, or manager, learning about queueing theory is one of the best ways to boost your performance. Why? The results your systems and teams produce are heavily influenced by how much waiting takes place, and waiting is waste. Minimizing this waste is extremely important. Many books on queueing theory are extremely complex, but not this one. It’s intuitive and approachable.

This new version of one of our most popular ebooks adds to our previous editions with:

  • New discussions on the meaning of queues, with concise conclusions and bolded summaries. The section "Queueing in Real Life" covers these takeaways in practical terms.
  • Newer and cleaner charts and graphics.
  • New rule-of-thumb approximations for quantiles of residence time based on the work of Dr. Neil Gunther.
  • A new example of latency, based on The New York Time's interactive feature on Usain Bolt's starting time off the block, to illustrate the typical shape of latencies.
  • Continued discussion of the properties of the exponential distribution. 

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