PayLease: Video Case Study



In this video case study, our users at PayLease explain how VividCortex has helped them provide leading online payment processing services for property managers across the country.

PayLease's platform provides property management companies the ability to receive rent or lease payments online, providing flexibility and convenience to residents across the country. In the past, database scalability was potentially problematic for PayLease, but thanks to Todd Newell, PayLease's Database Engineer, and his efforts with VividCortex, those risks have been mitigated. 

We didn't have something like VividCortex before. We had nightly jobs, batch jobs, reports that read again read-only servers. We have all these different things, and VividCortex gave us a really good glimpse into what exactly the database is doing, and when it's doing it. Now, I think there's a lot of opportunity to use VividCortex: to see top twenty or so queries running against huge tables, to see how they're being queried against. Using that to build out, modify, an index here, an index there, to make the execution times and the way they find records even more effective and efficient. 
- Todd Newell, Database Engineer

Want to learn more about Paylease and their success with VividCortex? You can also read a written case study with them here.