Infographics and Data Sheets

The Hidden Costs of Data Engineering Infographic

Based on our new ebook, The Hidden Costs of Data Engineering, we have created an infographic to present some of the key insights from our most recent 2016 survey.

Case Studies

Etsy Case Study

Etsy Keeps Their Global Community Engaged With A High-Performance Data Platform

Etsy is a marketplace where people around the world gather to make, sell, and buy unique goods. Etsy’s emphasis on creating a more meaningful economy by connecting independent vendors and shoppers has grown it into one of the Internet’s busiest ecommerce platforms.


 The Hidden Costs of Data Engineering_Image.png

The Hidden Costs of Data Engineering eBook

Managing databases in today's environments involves many complex problems and scenarios. This ebook presents the results of a 2016 survey conducted with the goal of discovering what data engineering teams across the country require to perform their jobs effectively, according to the team members themselves. 


Five Things to Monitor After Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The rush of Black Friday activity may be over, but that doesn't mean retail organizations should stop paying close attention to their databases. In this webinar recording, we discuss 5 things to keep monitoring after Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


Estimating CPU Per Query With Weighted Linear Regression

It's sometimes impossible to answer what's consuming resources like CPU, IO, and memory in a complex piece of software such as a database. But don't abandon hope!



What to Monitor For Black Friday and Cyber Monday

In the recording of this webinar from 11/15/2016, Baron Schwartz discusses the aspects of databases that retail organizations should be prepared to monitor before they encounter activity surges on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Case Studies, Videos and Demos

PayLease: Video Case Study

In this video case study, our users at PayLease explain how VividCortex has helped them provide leading online payment processing services for property managers across the country.


 Buyers Guide-Cover.png

Database Performance Monitoring Buyer's Guide

This buyer’s guide is designed to help you understand what database management really requires, so your investments in a solution provide the greatest possible ultimate value.

 Square Root Staffing Worksheet Alt

Square Root Staffing Law Workbook

This free Excel workbook uses the square root staffing law to estimate the amount of capacity users need to provision to provide uniform quality of service at a higher load than their systems currently handle.

Videos and Demos

Role-Based Access Control and Single Sign-On Demo

Role-based Access Control and Single Sign-On establish enterprise-grade user provisioning in VividCortex, providing huge benefits in security, workflow, and administrative tasks. This video provides a quick demo of how easy it is to customize and implement these features.

Videos and Demos


VividCortex Explainer Video

VividCortex's patented algorithms measure the performance and resource consumption of every database statement and transaction. It delves deeper than traditional monitoring solutions, which focus on vanity metrics and only capture a superficial, app-centric view.

Infographics and Data Sheets

Data Sheet: RBAC & SSO

VividCortex’s capabilities for Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and Single Sign-On (SSO) introduce enterprise-grade user provisioning and management to the powerful, SaaS database monitoring platform.

Infographics and Data Sheets

Data Sheet: Database Performance Monitoring

VividCortex is the best way to improve your database performance, efficiency, and uptime. It is a secure, cloud-hosted platform that eliminates your most critical APM visibility gap, providing deep insights into production database workload and query performance.

Universal Scalability Law Modeling Workbook

This Excel workbook is a rapid way to model and understand your systems' practical scalability limits, using Dr. Neil J. Gunther's Universal Scalability Law. This model helps you determine how much crosstalk and serialization (queueing) affect your systems' performance under increasing load.



What's New in MySQL 8.0 and PostgreSQL 9.6

In this recording from VividCortex's live webinar on October 25, 2016, Baron Schwartz discusses some of the new features and capabilities available in MySQL 8.0 and PostgreSQL 9.6.


 Monitoring with Percentiles Image

Monitoring with Percentiles

In this recording from VividCortex's live webinar, Baron Schwartz leads an exploration of the subject of percentiles and how they're used for performance monitoring.


 Queueing_Essential_Guide_Perspective Img.jpg

The Essential Guide to Queueing Theory

Queueing theory rules everything around you. This newest version of our highly accessible, 30-page introduction to queueing theory demystifies the subject without requiring pages full of equations.


5 Tips on Determining the Most Impactful Metrics in Your App

Your monitoring works... but is it "work-centric"? This webinar, co-hosted by Preetam Jinka of VividCortex and Matt Williams of Datadog, is all about the best ways to define and monitor your app's most important performance metrics.


Sampling a Stream of Events With a Probabilistic Sketch

Stream processing is a hot topic today. As modern Big Data processing systems have evolved, stream processing has become recognized as a first-class citizen in the toolbox.

Case Studies

Tradesy Case Study


Tradesy enables women to maximize both their personal fashion and their personal finances. The mobile and online clothing re-sale service launched in October 2012. In three short years, it has grown from a nimble, seven-person startup to a 130-person company that is a hip destination for millions of users eager to buy and sell clothes.


Practical Scalability Analysis with the Universal Scalability Law

The Universal Scalability Law models how systems perform as they grow. This 52-page book demystifies the USL and shows how to use it for many practical purposes such as capacity planning.


Siesta: A Different Go Framework

Preetam Jinka, brainiac and mathematics guru explains a different approach to Go frameworks.

Case Studies

SendGrid Case Study



The complexity and amount of data involved in sending transactional email are surprising. As Silvia Botros, Lead DBA, explained, a combination of three factors created a difficult scaling challenge:


Breaking Databases: Keeping Your Ruby on Rails ORM Under Control Webinar

Object-relational mapping is common in most modern web frameworks such as Ruby on Rails. For the developer APIs

Network Analyzer for Redis

VividCortex’s network traffic analyzer tool for Redis is an easy-to-use, non-intrusive way to gain insight into your server’s activity. Built for Redis servers running on Linux operating systems, it will help you understand your query workload.

Case Studies

DC Energy Case Study

DCEnergy Logo



DC Energy is a trader in the commodities markets that relies heavily on MySQL.

Infographics and Data Sheets

Ten New Features

Our brainiacs are always working. We have been expanding our database performance monitoring tool to help make your lives easier and your engineering team more effective.

Case Studies

Paylease Case Study



Paylease is the leading online payment processor for property managers and HOAs.


6 Ways Ansible Can Improve Your Workflow

Ansible is an automation tool that improves IT workflow. It is simple, agentless and flexible.



The Strategic IT Manager's Guide To Building A Scalable DBA Team

Transform your DBA team from a passive function driven by IT demands into a strategic center of excellence.