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How VividCortex Transformed Database Monitoring at Okta

Okta_Logo_BrightBlue_MediumPrasanth Mathialagan, Software Engineer in Performance Engineering at Okta, the leading independent provider of identity for the enterprise, deep dives into how VividCortex has transformed the way his team monitors database performanceVividCortex has enabled the team to reduce the time that they spend identifying the root cause of database issues and helped them to take action immediately to prevent a poor end-user experience. At Okta, a plethora of tools are used for monitoring the system from end to end and VividCortex integrates easily with those tools, making monitoring a seamless experience. The query tags indexing feature in VividCortex is widely used at Okta and is helpful for identifying poorly performing API endpoints in terms of number of queries and time spent on the database.

Prasanth Mathialagan is a Software Engineer in Performance Engineering team at Okta. He has worked for over 5 years in building highly scalable and performant systems. His areas of interest include SQL optimization, GC tuning, chasing memory leaks and bottlenecks using APM tools. He has a Masters degree in Computer Science from University at Buffalo.