Network Analyzer for MongoDB

Network Analyzer for MongoDB

VividCortex’s network traffic analyzer tool for MongoDB is an easy-to-use, non-intrusive way to gain insight into your server’s activity. Built for MongoDB servers running on Linux operating systems, it will help you understand your query workload.

This commandline tool captures TCP traffic on your server and decodes the protocol. It decodes and times queries, and outputs them in a standard log format. You can use standard log analysis tools such as Percona Toolkit’s pt-query-digest to analyze the output and build insight into queries and server performance.

The tool is built on VividCortex’s advanced network traffic capture technology and is also a safe way to assess how VividCortex’s agents will behave on your systems. It is a thin wrapper around our TCP and MongoDB decoding libraries. It does nothing but decode and print, and makes no attempt to communicate with the Internet or anything else. Simple, secure, and smart.

System requirements:

  • 64-bit Linux operating system
  • Commandline access to the server with root privileges

This tool supports decoding the MongoDB protocol.

We offer free tools for analyzing the following network protocols: MySQLMongoDBPostgreSQL, and Redis.

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