Measuring the Impact of Code Deployments

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Delays and outages can frustrate your customers and hurt your business. That's why industry leaders use VividCortex to help them ship better code faster, enabling their engineers to improve application speed, efficiency, and up-time.

To meet customer demand you need to continuously improve your software application and release updates as soon as possible. However, with every code deployment there's the risk of unintended effects on your database. VividCortex helps your development team understand post-release changes in database performance in real-time.

With high granularity insight into your database workload and query response database, our database performance monitoring makes it easy for you to quickly uncover issues. You can analyze query issues before and after code deployment, and inspect query behavior across multiple servers at once. Once you have your data, share those discoveries with your team quickly and easily. 



"We deploy new software 20 times a day sometimes... real-time monitoring is the only way to keep our wheels running." 
— Sergio Roysen, MySQL DBA Team Lead, Shopify

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