The Hidden Costs of Data Engineering Infographic

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Based on our new ebook, The Hidden Costs of Data Engineering, we have created an infographic to present some of the key insights from our most recent 2016 survey.

Managing databases in today's environments involves many complex problems and scenarios. The survey was conducted with the goal of discovering what data engineering teams across the country require to perform their jobs effectively, according to the team members themselves.

Organizations are increasingly tasked with managing massive volumes of critical data flowing through their technology stacks, but how are they handling the challenge?

Key points:

    • Data growth is dramatically outpacing headcount
    • Companies waste money on inefficient systems
      • Utilizing external tools is more efficient than developing in-house solutions
    • Over 60% of an administrator's work is reactionary
      • Interruptions kill data engineering productivity
      • Most data engineers are interrupted at least three to five times a day
    • It takes anywhere between five to fifteen minutes to resolve these interruptions
    • Engineering teams understand the value of business intelligence and alerting
    • Reduced diagnosis time is very important
      • Need greater granularity in database visibility and longer data retention

Download the infographic and then download the ebook, for a deeper dive into the survey and its results. 

 Hidden Costs Infographic - 2016.png


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