Flow: Video Case Study

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Flow provides a turn-key platform for e-commerce companies to go global, capturing international demand for their products. In this video, learn how the Flow engineering team uses VividCortex to diagnose issues in system performance; receive realtime feedback; and ensure the integrity of their product.

The key criteria, as we evaluated all the different products for performance monitoring, was how quickly a new engineer could understand and use the data that was provided by the tool. In that area, VividCortex was second to none, where an engineer could immediately look at the data, take action, and understand what they were doing. He took these charts from VividCortex, went into the application, made a few changes to the core business libraries, and how they consumed batches of events and process them, deployed those, and the instant the deploy changed, he confirmed exactly what he anticipated would happen to the charts. We then measured and could see the similar 10 X increase in some of the core business metrics.



When an engineer sat down for the first time with VividCortex, they immediately saw information and immediately came away with anywhere from a few to a half dozen to a dozen improvements that they could make in their application to optimize their use of postgres RDS.  That’s hugely powerful
— Mike Bryzek, Co-Founder, Chairman, CTO Flow