Estimating CPU Per Query With Weighted Linear Regression


It's sometimes impossible to answer what's consuming resources like CPU, IO, and memory in a complex piece of software such as a database. But don't abandon hope!

 This ebook by VividCortex CEO Baron Schwartz explains how a specialization of ordinary linear regression can give useful answers to seemingly unsolvable database questions.


With the weighted linear regression technique we’ve developed at VividCortex, you can easily identify which subsets of the workload on your database servers are consuming too many resources. Armed with that, you can fix them, and as a result you can get better performance from your servers, while potentially even decreasing your datacenter footprint or delaying additional hardware purchases.

After reading this ebook, you’ll understand our special regression technique and how to use it to improve your database servers’ performance and efficiency. This is a great example of why databases need specialized monitoring tools that measure their workload—the work they do (queries)—in high resolution and fine granularity. In a database, query performance and resource consumption matter more than other metrics; most other things are auxiliary or vanity metrics.

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