Dyn: Video Case Study



In this video case study, our users at Dyn explain how VividCortex has helped them enhance companies' service delivery performance across the internet.

Dyn recognizes that companies can't afford any lack of visibility into their service delivery, whether it be in the database backend, or in how their services are delivered over the internet. As Dyn creates traffic maps and keeps close track of how that traffic is traveling across networks, data intelligence is of central importance. With those goals in mind, VividCortex can provide significant value.

"With regard to VividCortex, I've seen a lot of utility in there. It was extremely helpful in the early stages of building out our email platform, especially our backend, where, if we come across and database performance issues, one of the first things I would go to, obviously, was VividCortex." 
- Don Dumais, Senior Database Engineer

Using VividCortex to find choke points in their data workflow, to assist in emergency resolution, to find the exact metrics that connect to specific issues, and much more, Dyn's team members use this video case study to highlight a variety of VividCortex's powerful use cases. 

Want to learn more about Dyn and their success with VividCortex? You can also read a written case study with them here.

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