March 12, 2019

DevOps for the Database

DevOps for the Database

DevOps culture and processes are transforming software development and delivery at many companies. Yet not all of them are applying DevOps practices to the biggest bottleneck and the biggest opportunity for improvement facing many engineering teams: the database.

In his all-new ebook, DevOps for the Database, Baron Schwartz – noted author and founder/CTO of VividCortex – looks at what DevOps really means and how it can drive automation of database operations and collaboration across teams to make their systems and processes faster, better and cheaper.

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This FREE 65-page ebook combines Baron’s first-hand insights with his synthesis of input from a broad community of database experts, illustrated with real-world case studies, to address many questions about how DevOps adoption can improve database reliability, customer value, and engineering velocity. For example:  

  • Database DevOps Capabilities – What separates the engineering teams who do DevOps for the database exceptionally well from others that are less successful? What challenges have to be met and how can you assess your situation so your team can take action?

  • Improving Database Observability – Why is it hard but important for DevOps practitioners to be able to measure database performance, including both external activity on behalf of user requests and internal mechanisms? What types of monitoring are most essential?

  • The Second Age of DevOps – How is DevOps evolving beyond simply automating database operations and leaving them in the hands of DBAs?  Why is it so important for developers to have responsibility and authority for database performance?

If you are a developer, DBA, or engineering manager – anyone with responsibility for building and running data-intensive applications – this ebook can you get started using DevOps to optimize database performance.

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About the Author:  Baron Schwartz is the founder and Chief Technology Officer of VividCortex. He’s a performance and scalability expert who participates in various database, open source, and distributed systems communities. He has helped build and scale many large, high-traffic services for Fortune 1000 clients. He has written several books, including O'Reilly's best-selling High Performance MySQL

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