DC Energy Case Study


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DC Energy is a trader in the commodities markets that relies heavily on MySQL. Since trading is timesensitive, database management and minimal system downtime is a high priority. Internal tools did not provide a way to quickly review and assess the enormous amount of data available, and gaining insight into performance was time consuming.


VividCortex has an intuitive interface, and it’s clearly built by a team that understands monitoring because it only shows us what we need to know. It does not overwhelm us with a lot of information we don’t want. Everything I want is accessible, and I am not bogged down by extraneous information. - Joe Kelly, Associate, DC Energy.



In March 2013, DC Energy began running VividCortex on its systems. When there is replication lag or excessive load, VividCortex is the first line of defense. DC Energy is able to quickly see the queries that are running often or consuming resources and compare them over time. The practical, responsive UI makes it simple to transition between views, segment important data and share the findings.


  • Only data that matters is shown
  • High-resolution data exposes previously invisible micro-stalls
  • Problem resolution is reduced from up to an hour to minutes
  • Minimal downtime boosts overall performance
  • Interface is easy to use and share


Since installing VividCortex, DC Energy is able to diagnose problems in minutes, instead of the 30 minutes to one hour it previously took. Even more valuable, VividCortex has enabled DC Energy to see and resolve minor slow-downs and performance hiccups, preventing downtime before it happens.

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