Paylease Case Study




Paylease is the leading online payment processor for property managers and HOAs. The company serves thousands of property management clients across the United States and was seeking a solution to help them better manage their massive amount of data and minimize slow periods. Before VividCortex, they had to sort through nearly 10 gigabytes of data each time there was an issue, a cumbersome process that often proved ineffective. Paylease also wanted a tool that would better equip them to prevent future issues. They needed a predictive solution to flag issues that could become high priority down the road.


It is what we thought it would be and more. It has features I never knew I needed like the ability to compare queries over time. It is becoming more and more integral in preventing and finding issues. VividCortex’s team has also been incredibly helpful and responsive. - Kevin Palmer, Senior Systems and Software Engineer, Paylease.



After an extensive evaluation of other products including Percona Cloud Tools, Paylease chose VividCortex because of the intuitive interface, level of granularity and functionality. VividCortex had an instant impact on workflow at Paylease. Todd Newell, a database engineer, is quoted: 'I look at top queries on a daily basis. I recognize what is there, what should be there, and am able to quickly pull something out that is garnering way too many resources and re-architect it. The top queries view shows which queries were running, each version of those queries, the number of executions, and the amount of resources consumed. On an investigation level, this is extremely helpful.


  • Eliminate 100 GBs slow query logs/day
  • Provide query insights in seconds instead of 3 - 4 hours
  • Intuitive, functional interface
  • Ability to compare queries over time
  • Responsive customer service


Now, the Paylease team is able to recognize problems at the time of code release and immediately act. The granular detail of VividCortex allows them to see specific queries having issues and eases the pain of diagnosis. What typically took 3 – 4 hours and yielded uncertain results now renders actionable results immediately. The usability of the interface allows them to share this information with team member and management to prevents future issues and make their needs known. Beyond that, Paylease is no longer having to store and search through slow query logs, reducing their query storage from between 35 GB and 100 GB per day to less than 1 GB.

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