Dyn delivers Internet Performance solutions to optimize clients’ Internet properties. Data is their business, so it is crucial their systems are running effectively. Prior to VividCortex, Dyn used a variety of tools including Graphite, Cacti and Munin to analyze health and performance. Despite custom reports and graphs, Dyn was left with data that lacked predictive smarts and was difficult to interpret.

VividCortex is a cloud based intelligence platform for database system performance and health. VividCortex’s team has also been incredibly helpful and responsive. - Tim Chadwick, Principal Engineer of Infrastructure, Dyn.


Dyn evaluated other products like Anemometer, Percona Toolkit, MONyog and New Relic but ultimately chose VividCortex for its depth and consolidation of insight. Features such as “compare queries” present a clear perception of change, a feature not common in competitor’s tools. VividCortex analyzes latency across disc IO, the network and query performance to easily pinpoint the source of problems.


  • Insight into system IO/InnoDB
  • Ability to share observations
  • Ability to compare performance over time
  • Faults and event oriented views
  • In-line communication
  • Cluster views show current state of systems


At this point, it is considered a must have, and everyone on the team uses it to see the effects of system changes. Beyond that, the functional interface makes it easy to share findings across departments and communicate needs effectively. - Tim Chadwick.

You can also watch our video case study with Dyn below: 

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