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Founded in May 2011 by CEO Niklas Östberg and based in Berlin, Germany, Delivery Hero is transforming the way people order food online. Users can easily browse thousands of restaurant menu's to find their favourite dish, and orders and payments are placed online.

That’s a lot of data, and it is imperative that DeliveryHero’s databases are running smoothly to ensure customer satisfaction. Prior to using VividCortex, the database team used in-house tools to profile and monitor their systems. They needed a more robust tool to handle the massive amounts of data constantly bombarding their systems.


Everyone’s using VividCortex, and they are using it well, which makes our job a lot easier. If someone is looking at it and sees a problem, they will bring it to our attention so we can address it. - Luis Neves, DBA Team Lead, Delivery Hero.



Delivery Hero installed VividCortex and immediately received concise, actionable information with ease. It helped them prevent, diagnose, and solve problems. When the team upgrade from MySQL 5.5 to MySQL 5.6, they were able to identify changes, make necessary adjustments, and deliver a smooth upgrade process. Since the entire team uses it, developers are able to ship more quality code to production, leading to a better user experience and a happier IT department.


  • Collaborative tool for the entire team
  • Top Queries and Events pages point to potential problems
  • Problem resolution is reduced from up to an hour to minutes
  • Intuitive interface provides actionable data
  • View the impact of code on production


Since installing VividCortex, Delivery Hero has been able to reduce problem resolution time from hours to minutes. Top queries and compare queries allows them to prevent problems and optimize queries. The entire team can see the effects of their code and self-service, saving time, money, and headaches.

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