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A Monitoring Journey:
Exploiting the VividCortex API

1280px-Booking.com_logoNick Gaitanis, Engineering Manager of Production & Databases at the Ground Transportation division of, explains the journey his team has taken to monitor database performance and availability for one of the world's leading travel booking sites, managing hundreds of billions of queries and petabytes of data each month. Through the use of VividCortex, the team was able to efficiently optimize resource utilization. Furthermore, they have connected the VividCortex API to their own internal tools, providing a live view of the availability of production systems based on automated rules-based analysis of a multitude of metrics. As a result, databases perform better, improving communication of data across the business, building trust, and enabling customers to make their vision a reality.

Nick Gaitanis is the Engineering  Manager at the’s Ground Transportation business unit, leading the Production & Databases teams in managing and securing the infrastructure, enabling secure, highly available performant systems. Nick has worked the last 20 years in small and large teams, across Europe, solving problems and enabling teams to achieve their goals.