As a high-volume SaaS data provider, ActiveProspect’s DevOps team needs to closely monitor business operational metrics such as usage rates, current growth rates, and future projections to ensure that system capacity can meet demand.

Before using VividCortex, ActiveProspect’s DevOps team had been looking for a way to augment their database monitoring and diagnosis process. According to Tim Ray, Senior DevOps, “VividCortex gives me peace of mind so I can just worry about other things like config management or diving deeper into the applications and getting more business insights.”

ActiveProspect runs one of its application with Erlang and a Riak distributed NoSQL database on the backend, along with MongoDB. Its other main platform is a Node application that also uses a MongoDB backend.

"Out-of-the-box, VividCortex saves me two or three years of time trying to figure out how to monitor our databases. It not only monitors the current state of the database, but also provides projections, fault detection, and background analytics—that’s just huge."
Tim Ray, Sr. DevOps


In the past, ActiveProspect used out-of-the-box features of Server Density for database monitoring tasks. This gave the team basic database statistics and charts, but it was a challenge to interpret these in a meaningful way that could lead to valuable diagnoses. ActiveProspect also used Server Density’s alerting features, but without more precision, ActiveProspect couldn’t take preemptive action. Tim gave the example, “In the past, we’d get an alert because on June 22nd, 2013 something blew up, but we didn’t really know what went wrong or why. We just knew that a metric was exceptionally high.”


With VividCortex’s Profiler, ActiveProspect was able to observe the exact time each application spent accessing the database. Using VividCortex, Tim could then derive the applications’ particular utilization percentages in MongoDB. In the end, ActiveProspect was able to confidently say, for instance, “This particular application contributes 80 percent utilization even though it yields very low income.” Where guesswork and estimation previously seemed the only choice, VividCortex gave ActiveProspect a precise, confident method for solving a significant budgeting question. “It took me only five or ten minutes to find the right numbers in VividCortex, Tim said. “It was a straightforward task, and I didn’t have to make any configuration changes.” VividCortex was ready to show ActiveProspect the depth and precision it needed, so it could continue providing customers lead acquisition automation on their sturdy, reliable system.






  • Deep insights into database metrics
  • Eliminate manual sifting through databases and servers, minimizing MTTR
  • Intuitive user interface allows team members to self-service
  • Performance Monitoring for MongoDB



"We have a relatively small team and we wear multiple hats—VividCortex really helps us leverage our time, kind of like having another DBA as a resource."  


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