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PatientPing Drives Better Healthcare with Healthy Database

Case Study

PatientPing is a nationwide platform that keeps medical professionals abreast of patients’ treatment across facilities. With VividCortex , PatientPing engineers take ownership of their code - e.g. finding underperforming queries and making changes so they run up to 10x faster.


 Highly Observable Systems eBook

How to Architect and Build Highly Observable Systems

Is your application easy to monitor in production? Many applications are, but sadly, some are designed with observability as an afterthought.  This 2019 Edition ebook focuses on monitoring as a vitally important factor for running apps at scale. 


 golang-book-2019 copy-small

Ultimate Guide to Building Database-Intensive Apps with Go

Go, aka GoLang, is one of the fastest growing programming languages in the software industry. Speed, simplicity, and reliability make it an outstanding choice for all kinds of developers.  A decade after its release to the public, GoLang is now widely seen as a top programming trend for 2019 and beyond.


 DevOps for the Database (1)

DevOps for the Database

DevOps culture and processes are transforming software development and delivery at many companies. Yet not all of them are applying DevOps practices to the biggest bottleneck and the biggest opportunity for improvement facing many engineering teams: the database.

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 Booking Video Case Study

A Monitoring Journey:
Exploiting the VividCortex API

Nick Gaitanis, Engineering Manager of Production & Databases at the Ground Transportation division of, explains the journey his team has taken to monitor database performance and availability for one of the world's leading travel booking sites, managing hundreds of billions of queries and petabytes of data each month. 

Case Studies, Videos and Demos


Okta: Video Case Study

How VividCortex Transformed Database Monitoring at Okta

Prasanth Mathialagan, Software Engineer in Performance Engineering at Okta, the leading independent provider of identity for the enterprise, deep dives into how VividCortex has transformed the way his team monitors database performance

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Measuring the Impact of Code Deployments

Demo Video

Delays and outages can frustrate your customers and hurt your business. That's why industry leaders use VividCortex to help them ship better code faster, enabling their engineers to improve application speed, efficiency, and up-time.

Case Studies, Videos and Demos

 Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 10.01.51 AM

Flow: Video Case Study

Flow provides a turn-key platform for e-commerce companies to go global, capturing international demand for their products. In this video, learn how the Flow engineering team uses VividCortex to diagnose issues in system performance; receive realtime feedback; and ensure the integrity of their product.

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4 Capabilities of Database Monitoring

Is your application easy to monitor in production? Many applications are, but sadly, some are designed with observability as an afterthought.


Webinar: How Performance Monitoring Leads to Better, Faster, Code Deployment

Join VividCortex CEO Baron Schwartz and SendGrid DBA Silvia Botros as they discuss how performance monitoring leads to better, faster code deployment.

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 MongoDB Data Sheet Preview Thumbnail.png

Complete Visibility for MongoDB

VividCortex is the industry’s most comprehensive solution for MongoDB performance management.


 MongoDB Launch Webinar 2

New Functionality for MongoDB

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing the most comprehensive database monitoring solution available, VividCortex is proud to announce upcoming enhancements for MongoDB!

Check out this quick webinar as we discuss and provide a demonstration of these new capabilities.  


 State of Prod DBs eBook Cover - iPad.png

State of Production Database Performance 2017

Software engineers need to know that the sophisticated data platforms they’re building will perform and scale well, but they can’t find a trustworthy answer to an important question: which database technology is best for the job? This report uses novel techniques and real-world data to illuminate that problem from a fresh angle.

Case Studies, Videos and Demos

DraftKings: Video Case Study

DraftKings is the world's largest provider of 1-day fantasy sports. In this video, take a peak at how the DraftKings engineering team uses VividCortex to diagnose issues in system performance; keep stats steady; and ensure new queries behave as expected.

Videos and Demos

VividCortex Product Demo

See VividCortex give real-time insights into database workload & query response. This short video exhibits some of our database monitoring solution's key features in a tour of the app. Learn how to quickly enable your engineers to improve app speed, efficiency, and up-time. 

Case Studies, Videos and Demos

Customer Highlight Video

Users at DraftKings, Shopify, SendGrid, and Boku take a moment to tell us how VividCortex's database monitoring solution helps them keep their systems running at peak performance.

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VividCortex for Developers

VividCortex gives you the ability to understand exactly how your code deployments affect database performance—without needing to consult a DBA and even before the deployment occurs.


 Use Case eBook Cover.jpg

6 Ways to Make VividCortex Work For You

The first step toward effective database monitoring is knowing how to ask the right questions. This ebook will help you understand 6 key questions that you should pose about your database—and it will show you exactly how you can answer them, quickly and safely, click-by-click, with VividCortex.

Case Studies

 BuyerQuest Thumbnail.jpg

BuyerQuest Case Study

BuyerQuest brings the eCommerce shopping experience to employees of enterprise businesses, so procurers can make informed buying decisions and enjoy faster, more streamlined relationships with suppliers.

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VividCortex Supports Performance Monitoring for Redis

Redis is the Swiss Army Knife of key-value databases, making advanced data structures and sophisticated processing techniques simple, powerful, and fast.

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VividCortex Supports Performance Monitoring for MySQL

Widely supported, widely used, and mature. MySQL is the world's most popular open source database.

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VividCortex Supports Performance Monitoring for PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is the world's most advanced open source database, with rock solid performance, reliability, and the feature set demanded by complex enterprise applications.

Case Studies

Discount Dance Supply

Discount Dance Supply (DDS) is the world’s largest dancewear retailer. The company started with a single store more than 40 years ago, and now has transformed into a leading multi-channel retailer. As DDS business grows, their environment and infrastructure grow, and it’s critical they equip their databases to scale dynamically.

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4 Capabilities of Database Monitoring

These capabilities aren’t mere bells and whistles—the features described here are more fundamental, and though some product-specific characteristics may touch on these concepts, they also represent bigger philosophical differences in how a solution approaches its task and goals.

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 Amazon Aurora_Thumbnail.jpg

VividCortex Supports Performance Monitoring for Amazon Aurora

Amazon Aurora is is Amazon's cloud-native hosted relational database. Compatible with MySQL 5.6, Aurora claims much higher throughput than MySQL, along with the flexibility and advantages of being supported by Amazon Web Services. 

Case Studies


As a high-volume SaaS data provider, ActiveProspect’s DevOps team needs to closely monitor business operational metrics such as usage rates, current growth rates, and future projections to ensure that system capacity can meet demand.

Case Studies, Videos and Demos

SendGrid: Video Case Study

SendGrid manages a tremendous amount of data, sending over 30 billion emails per month. This video highlights how SendGrid's engineering team -- who handle over 30 clusters of MySQL and nearly 200 servers -- scales their databases, even as SendGrid's infrastructure and environment continue to grow.

Case Studies, Videos and Demos

Shopify: Video Case Study

Shopify's engineering team explains how VividCortex has helped them achieve complete visibility into their database tier, diagnose performance problems, and assist developers in deploying code at incredible volume, with confidence.

Case Studies

 SalesLoft logo.jpg

SalesLoft Case Study

SalesLoft’s platform is embedded in its clients’ sales processes, serving as an essential tool for reps and sales leaders who succeed in fast-paced, growth-oriented environments. With VividCortex, SalesLoft was able to decrease its use of temporary tables by 90%, which allowed its engineers to reduce their instance sizes, saving substantial operational costs.


 Performance Engineer Cover Slide-1.png

How To Be A Performance-Driven Engineer

As an engineer, you're smart and capable, but you may feel that diagnosing performance problems is more of an art or a skill than a science. The truth is, there are elements of all three, and everyone can learn a performance mindset.