Troubleshoot and Diagnose Outages

Your site is mission critical. When it goes down, what do you do first? With VividCortex, you can immediately uncover potential database issues that coincided with the outage and, if so, see where to investigate. Join industry leaders who use VividCortex to optimize database performance so your application stays online and your customers stay satisfied.

Zero-In Fast on Any Data Tier Issues Before They Impact Customers 











Quickly Find Outlier Queries and Drill into EXPLAIN Plans



  • Step 1: After receiving an alert, use Profiler to compare your current query workload to a prior time frame when there was no outage. 
  • Step 2: Profiler shows any change in query consumption and lets you sort the results based on the percentage of change.  
  • Step 3: If there was no change, you may be able to rule out the database and focus your search elsewhere. 

If there was a change, you can immediately dig deeper with VividCortex.


VividCortex makes it simple to identify specific executions of a query that behave inconsistently.
  • Drill into query details to display a scatterplot of query executions by time and/or latency.
  • Select outliers to reveal detailed properties and makes it easy to see what’s different about the outliers (host, shard, query parameters, EXPLAIN plans, etc).


"We've had a couple of issues that we were able to spot before they became outages. We saw what was going on thanks to VividCortex, and within minutes we pinpointed what we needed to to." – Director of IT Operations, BuyerQest

To learn more about how VividCortex is helping industry leaders troubleshoot and mitigate potential outages with best-in-class database performance monitoring,  see case studies for Etsy, SalesLoft, and SendGrid as well as BuyerQuest.

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