Profiler Toggler, Injection Detection, Total Query Latency Metrics

Posted by Release Notes on Jun 9, 2016 12:05:15 PM

Here are the update notes for the period of May 30 - June 10, 2016. Let us know if you have any questions!

App Changes:

- The Compare Queries page is being deprecated and replaced with a toggler in the Profiler that allows users to compare time ranges. This will behave similarly to Compare Queries but is much faster and allows users to take advantage of all rankings in the Profiler. The feature went live in a controlled rollup this week. 20% of customers are already using it, and that number will increment to 50% over the upcoming days. Full release coming soon. 


- Improved SQL Injection Detection. Our detector is now more robust and able to log evidence of malicious activity.

- Added a new widget for PostgreSQL faults, showing a snapshot of pg_stat_activity. This allows users to see long-running queries that were executing during a fault.

Agent Changes:

- Added banded metrics for total query latency. We now capture metrics based on how many queries executed within a designated latency band. Bands range from <100 microseconds to >1 second. Support for viewing these metrics in the UI is upcoming; for now, if you go to the app's Metrics Page and search for, you can see the different bands there.